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Squeakie hand sanitiser eco packaging

Our new Squeakie bottles are 100% recyclable sugar cane derived packaging.

100% sugar cane packaging is kinder to the planet than petroleum based plastic, using a renewable resource and a more favourable carbon footprint.

Glass isn’t an option for hand sanitiser packaging because of portability and their contents.

Our Squeakie Eco pack refills (x 5) your Squeakie 50ml or can be used around your home or office.

We hope people recycle their Squeakie 250ml eco pack bottle and keep their 50ml Squeakie bottle for life.

That is the kindest option for hand sanitiser packaging….

Kind to you, Kind to others, Kind to our planet….x

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Our Squeakie Kindness Kit includes 2 x Squeakie 50ml bottles. One for you and one for a friend. Kindness can change the world.

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