the world is in your hands


the 100% natural hand sanitiser

squeakie in 15 seconds

Genuinely 100% natural & sustainable
10% of profits go to causes that need a helping
Naturally derived pure milk whey alcohol removes 99.99% of germs
100% recyclable bpa free packaging in 100% recycled boxes
No animal testing
and that’s what makes squeakie the most natural, safe
and effective hand sanitiser in the world.

squeakie's belief

At the heart of who we are and what we do, we believe that one
person can make a difference and that difference is kindness.
Everything we do is based on this one unshakeable belief.

squeakie for dreamers

Dreamers like us have a vision of a better world.

the world is in your hands

squeakie ingredients

Every single squeakie ingredient comes from a renewable resource found in
nature and is chosen because it’s the best possible choice in terms of safety,
performance and sustainability.

We’re so passionate about our formula because we know we’re keeping your
body free from toxic and synthetic chemicals.

squeakie animals and strongly opposes animal testing

the squeakie story

Have you ever read the ingredients list of a hand sanitiser?
Are you concerned about what chemicals you’re rubbing into your skin?
Does your hand sanitiser dry out your hands or make food taste bitter?
We loved the idea of a hand sanitiser but we wanted one that was 100% natural,
free of all nasty chemicals, made hands feel fantastic and still killed 99.99% of germs.
After years of research and development to achieve exactly that,
in 2014 we welcomed squeakie to the world.

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the 100% natural hand sanitiser that removes 99.99% of germs.

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