the world is in your hands


The 100% natural hand sanitiser
that meets WHO, CDC & EWG guidelines
Kills 99.99% of germs
& makes your skin feel A-mazing

Since 2014

the world’s best natural hand sanitiser

Genuinely 100% natural & sustainable
Contains 6 x certified organic ingredients
Meets WHO, CDC & EWG guidelines
Pure milk whey alcohol kills 99.99% of germs
No unlisted toxic denaturants
Independently Tested
A serum for maximum coverage & protection
Genuinely heals and moisturises your skin
Two beautiful essential oil scents
ZERO nasty chemicals
100% recyclable, sugar cane derived packaging
10% of profits go to causes that need a helping
Award winning

squeakie clean hands in 20 seconds

there are hand sanitisers & then there’s squeakie…

Award winning and with 5 star reviews since 2014, Squeakie is for people who want the
gold standard in hand sanitiser protection but without absorbing the nasty chemicals,
and without their hands becoming dry and irritated.
Our all natural hand sanitiser serum means people with sensitive skin can use Squeakie.
We created an a unique natural healing serum (a light weight gel) not a spray or a foam
because this is what gives you maximum coverage & germ protection, as well as
making your skin feel A-mazing.
Squeakie stands alone in its choice of no unlisted toxic denaturants, and has sourced
the most pure and sustainable alcohol in the world- pure milk whey alcohol, and
combined this with 6 x certified organic ingredients.

We have looked at every aspect of hand sanitizers, and have chosen the best possible
option for you at every turn.

squeakie for dreamers

Dreamers like us have a vision of a better world.

the world is in your hands

squeakie for thinkers

What’s in your hand sanitiser?

squeakie ingredients

Every single squeakie ingredient comes from a renewable resource found in
nature and is chosen because it’s the best possible choice in terms of safety,
performance and sustainability.

squeakie is the gold standard in hand sanitiser ingredients.

No denatured ethanol with unlisted toxic denaturants.
No chemicals that interfere with your health & wellbeing.
No more dryness or skin irritation.
squeakie strongly opposes animal testing.

What type of alcohol is it?

squeakie was founded by a mum and her daughter in 2014

after discovering what really goes into hand sanitisers.
The Squeakie Founders, Kirsten & Zanny are passionate about protecting people from
both germs & nasty chemicals and making people’s skin feel A-mazing.
After experimenting with many different combinations over a number
of years, Squeakie was born- an all natural healing hand sanitiser serum.
Squeakie is a unique all natural serum (not a spray), to ensure maximum germ
killing coverage. Squeakie’s all natural healing serum gel means that people who have
sensitive skin or who don’t want their hands to feel dry & irritated, can use Squeakie.

Our squeakie pledge to you?
The world’s best way to kill germs, without nasty chemicals, and without dryness or irritation.

Award winning and with 5 star reviews since 2014.

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The 100% natural hand sanitiser
that meets WHO, CDC & EWG guidelines
Kills 99.99% of germs
& makes hands feel A-mazing

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