natural hand sanitizer

  • Squeakie, the 100% natural hand sanitiser

    Squeakie Kindness Kit


    2 x 50ml


    Ingredients List for our original Lime & Palmarosa (GREEN CAP)
    Pure Milk Whey alcohol (62%), Purified Water *Rosehip Oil *Bladderwrack Extract, *Aloe Vera *Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Oleic Acid (Omega 9), *Palmarosa Oil, *Lime Oil *Certified Organic Ingredients


    Ingredients List for our Sandalwood Copaiba & Tangerine (ORANGE CAP)
    Pure Milk Whey alcohol (62%) , Purified Water, *Rosehip Oil, *Bladderwrack Extract,*Aloe Vera,*Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Oleic Acid (Omega 9), Sandalwood Oil,*Copaiba Oil, Tangerine Oil *Certified Organic Ingredients

  • 12 x Squeakie Eco Pack- ONE TIME OFFER


    40% OFF a 12 pack of Squeakie Ecopack (12 x 250ml) for $143.60.


     (This is normally $239.40).


    Our Original Eco Pack can be used on its own or to refill your 50ml Squeakie.


    Ingredients List for our original Lime & Palmarosa 
    Pure Milk Whey alcohol (62%), Purified Water *Rosehip Oil *Bladderwrack Extract, *Aloe Vera *Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Oleic Acid (Omega 9), *Palmarosa Oil, *Lime Oil *Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Squeakie, the 100% natural hand sanitiser

    Squeakie World


    1 x 250ml


    1 x 50ml


    Both the 50ml and 250ml are the original Lime & Palmarosa.


    Ingredients List for our original Lime & Palmarosa 
    Pure Milk Whey alcohol (62%), Purified Water *Rosehip Oil *Bladderwrack Extract, *Aloe Vera *Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, Oleic Acid (Omega 9), *Palmarosa Oil, *Lime Oil *Certified Organic Ingredients

  • squeakie 5 star reviews

    GOLD AND EDITOR’S CHOICE for HAND SANITISER in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020

    I’m in love with this incredible hand sanitiser.

    This is the only hand sanitiser my children willingly use- and actively ask for!

    Emily Fletcher, ANTA Judge, 2020

    100% better than products that can be found in the supermarket.

    Ria Andrini, ANTA Judge 2020

    This sanitiser is different from the rest…A total game changer! 

    Emma Freeman, ANTA Judge 2020

    Squeakie is like no hand sanitiser I have tried before. 

    This is an absolute game changer for anyone who has dry skin, eczema or works in a job where regular hand sanitising is required.

    Emily Fletcher, ANTA Judge, 2020

    I started an eco blog this year

    And I researched all the hand sanitisers in Australia (oh my) and I rated yours as the best. Thanks for being so eco friendly and awesome!


    Emily Paddon-Brown, 2020

    Squeakie clean and green 

    I love this product, the smell, the texture and how clean it is for us while making us clean. I usually hate anti-bacterials but this one I’m happy to use, especially during these times of Covid.

    Julia, 2020


    I purchased to use at work, and a little goes a long way, doesn’t sting or give me headaches like the commercial ones do. Best I’ve found.

    Gayle, 2020

    Love this sanitiser! 

    I’m so happy to have found a natural and safe hand sanitiser. The smell is mild and disappears after a few seconds, which I love because I’m sensitive to fragrances. It dries almost instantly on my hands so makes it easy to apply and then continue with what I’m doing. I have one bottle in the car and one in my handbag.

    Sarah, 2020

    Best Sanitiser! 

    Absolutely love Squeakie. It’s the only sanitiser that is gentle enough on my family’s hands. Smells lovely too xo


    Lisa, 2020

    Squeakie natural hand sanitiser 

    The best hand sanitiser I have come across. Feels lovely on the skin. Only need a tiny amount. It’s great that a refill bottle has been released.

    Catherine, 2020

    My favourite hand sanitiser! 

    This is my absolute favourite hand sanitiser. You only need a small amount, it smells great, goes on easily and absorbs quickly. I’ve used it heaps lately and it doesn’t dry out my hands at all. I love that they now offer a 250ml, so you can easily refil the 50ml bottles. I highly recommend this sanitiser!

    Rebecca, 2020

    Love it! 

    My favourite hand sanitizer, smells nice and doesn’t make your hands dry.

    Laura, 2020

    So Handy! 

    I have had multiples of this product since I had my son (who is now four) I have it in the car, purse, his school bag, everywhere. It has obviously been a real lifesaver in recent times and it comforts me so much to know it’s plant derived.

    Kylie, 2020

    Non greasy hand sanitizer 

    Really like this santizer, not greasy and rubs on your hands well with none of the sticky residue of normal sanitiser. Highly recommend this product

    Kate, 2020

    Feel good sani 

    Gel formula that isn’t drying on the skin. Comforting knowing there are no nasties and it meets WHO guidelines.

    Natalie, 2020

    Best there is! 


    Emma, 2020

    Love this sanitiser! 

    The bottle is super easy to use on it’s own or to refill the smaller bottles. The smell isn’t strong and it quickly dries on my hands. I keep this big bottle in my car and a little bottle in my handbag. I usually don’t like using other sanitisers that are full of nasty chemicals. I love that there is a more natural option that doesn’t leave a strong fragrance.

    Sarah, 2020

    Good on my hands and the enviroment 

    Smells good and leaves my hands soft. I love that Squeakie are doing there best to take care of our Mother Earth.

    Gillian, 2020

    Doesn’t dry hands out 

    One of the better hand sanitisers we have used. It doesn’t have a sticky or drying after effect. Doesn’t have an overpowering smell and I like that you can buy a larger refill bottle.

    Dom, 2020

    Best hand sanitiser ever!… This is the greatest. It’s so softening, smells beautiful and makes my hands feel super clean. I will use this forever now.

    Nourished Life Verified Buyer, 2019

    I think this is the best hand sanitiser on the market. Love this product.

    Chris, 2019

    Couldn’t live without it! I’ve been using this for years and love it – it’s the only one that doesn’t irritate my hands

    Bri, 2019

    Absolutely love it. Other sanitisers are full of nasties and make your skin red… don’t trust any other brand!

    Lisa Reynolds, 2020

    I won’t use anything else for myself or my kids.

    Naomi Gavan, March 2020

    Must have… I don’t go ANYWHERE without it. Best hand sanitiser you can get.

    Nourished Life Verified Buyer, 2019

    Naturally Great. Ticked all the boxes for us – all natural, effective, easy to use. It’s become a staple in our house.

    Anna Z, January 2020

    This is the only hand sanItiser I use & trust.

    Rens 2019

    This little beauty is a winner. Every person in my family has one. Its in my bag everyday. Just knowing it kills germs and is gentle on all our sensitive skins is a winner for us.

    Jenny, 2019

    We love Squeakie. The other natural ones we have bought just aren’t as nice to use.

    Michelle, 2020

    I was fortunate enough to have bought Squeakie more than 12 months ago and I absolutely love it.

    Lynne, 2020

    I adore your product and tell every like minded store that they should stock your product.

    Cate Hemmings, 2020

    I have a skin allergy and cannot use any other hand sanitiser.

    Lisa Holland, 2020

    We love Squeakie and my girls (and myself) don’t have any skin reactions from your hand sanitiser. Keep up the good work

    Michelle 2020

    My Mum and I use your hand sanitiser. Its the best! My Mum has very sensitive skin and will only use Squeakie

    Rowena Clarke, 2020

    I have allergic reactions to the chemicals in hand sanitisers. I can’t believe I found you.

    Karen Kellock, 2020

    Soooo excited about the eco pack!!! Squeakie is my fav product!!

    Kate Erikson, 2020

    I love your product

    Kate Thorson, 2020

    I have been using Squeakie for several years and love your product!

    Joceyln Luck, 2020

    My skin feels like its just about to fall off with all these strong chemical sanitisers, my skin feels like sand paper. Need Squeakie!

    Paulette Tibaldi, 2020

    The best hand sanitiser I have ever used

    Tina Bongi, 2020

    It’s the only sanitizer I trust & like.

    Kristie Graham, 2020

    I love your product, it’s the only one I use

    Renae Briggs, 2020

    I’m a health care worker and Squeakie is the only product my skin can tolerate.

    Vanessa Mee, 2020

    My favourite hand sanitiser. I use Squeakie in my clinic.

    Michelle Rankin, 2020

    Love your hand sanitizer!

    Zara Segal, 2020

    Squeakie hand sanitiser- just love this product.

    Stephanie Meyer, 2020

    Love your product.

    Tracey Douglas, 2020

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou
    Love the feel of this product

    Genevieve Sinclair, 2020

    I love Squeakie as it was the first one I came across with no nasty ingredients.

    Susan Whittaker, 2020

    A beautiful product

    Malinda Muir 2020

    Love this product 😉

    Bec Miller, 2020

    My family all use Squeakie hand sanitiser

    Patricia Mills, 2020

    I’m a Squeakie fan!

    Teresa, 2020

    I have really bad dermatitis and Squeakie is one of the very few sanitisers which doesn’t make it flare up.

    Natalie Gordon, 2020

    Love this!
    Only hand sanitiser that doesn’t flare up my dermatitis. Will definitely buy again

    Kylie, October 2017

    Wish I new about this sooner
    Smells so fresh and clean and feels great to not have the alcoholic dryness that most of the other products give you when you buy from supermarket. I use it on my little girl at the park too..its handy size means it is always clipped to the pram.. love this product!

    Dom, October 2017

    I love this product. As someone that suffers from hand dermatitis I’m always hesitant to put new products on my hands and this is the first sanitizer I have used that doesn’t dry out my hands and doesn’t have that heinous hospital smell about it

    Jess, September 2017

    Wonderful and toxic Free
    I am not one to use hand sanitizers but my partner has grown up using the toxic version so I bought this to provide a non toxic alternative! It became invaluable to us when we traveled Europe and when we go out for picnics with the kids. I feel happy and content knowing it is safe and non full of rubbish toxins and the smell is very pleasant. It is light, non greasy, no residue and evaporates quickly.

    Julia, 6 July 2017

    Love this!!
    This is fantastic. Love that it’s toxin free while working the same as the other hand sanitisers on the market.

    Nikki, August 2017

    Love it!
    Have been looking for a toxin free version for ages! Doesn’t dry my hands out like the supermarket variety, nor does it smell completely overpowering!

    Natasha, August 2017

    Love it
    Smells nice and feels great on my skin

    Emily, July 2017

    Best Hand Sanitiser
    I love this product. I wasn’t sure about a natural version of this at first, but it has really won me over. There’s no horrible chemical smell. It doesn’t dry out my hands like other non natural versions. The packaging is convenient and doesn’t leak. A little goes a long way, so this will last ages. My young child likes using it too!

    Laura , June 2017

    Doesn’t irritate my skin
    So much better than what I’ve used previously from shops; only a little is needed, so well worth the price tag.

    Maureen,15 June 2017

    Great smell and a little goes a long way
    I use this all the time for myself and the kids. You only need to tiniest little bit (which I found out the hard way) so it will last a long time. Handy size and the smell is decent enough too.

    Tina, June 2017

    Always in my handbag
    I love this sanitiser, I have it in my handbag at all times ready to use on me and my kids! Bottle is lasting a long time, you only need a tiny amount. It has no nasty strong smell. I recommend this product!

    Sally, June 2017

    Absolutely love this hand sanitiser. I put one in my kids school bags to use before eating.

    Lisa, May 2017

    Amazing, won’t travel without it
    So great to have a natural alternative to all the chemical mainstream sanitising products! Didn’t think it was possible. Doesn’t strip your hands. Bottle lasts a long time. Won’t travel without it!

    Jennifer, May 2017

    Great for kids and sensitive skin
    I love how its natural. Perfect for my 3 year old and my skin which is sensitive to the other harsh antibacterial gels. Excellent product!

    Eugenia, 18 April 2017

    Perfect for kids
    This is the best natural hand sanitiser I’ve tried. No strong smells, gentle on hands and perfect for little ones to clean hands on the go. A must have!

    Jenny, April 2017

    Smells great and leaves hands feeling nice

    Laura, April 2017

    Very easily absorbed. Nice fresh scent. Great to have a natural alternative/

    Stephanie, May 2017

    Great natural alternative
    Great product i can use in day care that is natural!

    Nikita, May 2017

    I use hand gel santiser in my work all day long and have switched to this instead. I will never use anything else it is fantastic and it does not dry out your skin at all.

    Caroline, March 2017

    Love it
    Nice smell and fast drying

    Michelle, 29 March 2017

    Best Natural Hand Sanitizer!
    Regular customer! I have tried many sanitisers & a few natural hand sanitisers – and this is the best. Nice feel, not sticky, little goes a long way. Doesn’t dry out my hands when I use it a lot in winter. No overpowering smell like others. Great size – I have 1 in my car, handbag, kitchen.

    Annie, March 2017

    Great product
    This is brilliant. Keep in my handbag for when the kids want food when we are out and about. Love that it’s safe for them unlike other sanitisers

    Nicole, March 2017

    Great Product
    Pleasant smell and a little goes a long way!

    Mel, March 2017

    Excellent product
    My kids love this and they use it all the time

    Keti, February 2017

    Must have travel companion
    I recently spent 6 months on the road and this was an absolute must to keep my hands clean while travelling! Smells good, not sticky. Can sometimes be hard to open but at least it doesn’t leak through my bag. Seems to last well too and a little goes a long way.

    Xanthe, February 2017

    I purchased this for an overseas trip and I don’t know what i would have done without it – i used it so much! No need for toxic hand sanitisers when this is available!

    Anna, February 2017

    Great natural alternative
    This is my pick of natural hand sanitisers – it has a pleasant smell – not over powering and I don’t find it too drying on my hands.
    Great size and handy loop for easy of storing and handling especially with travel use.

    Dee, December 2016

    Mild smell
    This is fantastic! The smell is not overpowering at all and I feel so much better using it on my toddler than commercial hand sanitiser

    Amy-Louise, December 2016

    Great! Perfect alternative!
    A must have when you travel! Take it with me everywhere. What an amazing alternative to the nasty mainstream chemical versions.

    Jennifer, December 2016

    Favourite Product
    I have bought this product so many times over, will never go back to other hand sanitizers, love love love!

    Teesh, December 2016

    I love this product so much – it is handy to keep in my bag. Doesn’t dry your hands, doesn’t smell or sting. Far better than the chemical-laden antibacterial sanitisers on the market. Will definitely buy again.

    Lauren, November 2016

    Great product
    Perfect size to carry in handbag for easy use. Love it!

    Alex, December 2016

    Best available
    My skin stings using ordinary hand sanitisers so this is a godsend, no stinging or irritation with this little gem!

    Maureen, November 2016

    Fantastic natural alternative to those nasty hand sanitisers. Leaves your hands feeling so soft and has a great smell too.

    Debra, October 2016

    Best Ive used by far
    lovely smell and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands.

    Kate, October 2016

    100% better than products that can be found in the supermarket. 

    Ria Andrini, 2020

    Really great product. Will purchase again.

    Jen, September 2016

    great product
    great product, was happy to use it I would buy again

    Sonya, September 2016

    A must have item
    Working in a prison I’m constantly sanitising my hands & it’s great to know I’m using an all natural chemical free product. My hands feel really clean using this & aren’t left feeling sticky or stinking of chemicals like with many other hand sanitisers. This is a perfect travel size to keep in my handbag & the car.

    Jess, September 2016

    Non Toxic and great for the family!
    I never was intersted in using antibacterial hand sanitizers before as I knew they were not good for us. But my boyfriend is obsessed with cleanliness and I knew if I didn’t pack something I was happy with, then he’d take his own poisonous one on our european trip. I took this in my bag everywhere we went, so when he felt he needed to clean his hands, I whipped it out, knowing it was SO much better that “commercial” sanitizers. Smells great, feels great and light and is no way chemical-like or offensive.

    Julia, September 2016

    Best hand sanitiser out there!
    My only complaint is that it’s not available in a bigger size/refill bottle!! Lovely scent but doesn’t linger too long, not too drying but not slimy either, I’ve even used it as acne spot treatment in a pinch!

    Jess, September 2016

    A hand bag essential!
    This is a great natural hand sanitiser. Doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry. Great knowing there’s no harsh chemicals especially when the kids are using it

    Lyn, August 2016

    I love the idea of hand sanitiser but always worried about what was in them. This one is amazing, doesn’t leave my hands dry, irritated or itchy at all. Feels like hand moisturiser with the added bonus of feeling clean.

    Shannon, August 2016

    This hand sanitiser is amazing! It smells nice and leaves your hands feeling soft afterwards. It doesn’t dry out the skin and leave a nasty taste. I’m buying more to give to my friends.

    Eileen, August 2016

    Lifesaver for Mums and Bubs!
    My son was born prematurely so using hand sanitiser became one of our rituals everywhere we went. As I started delving into the world of more natural lifestyle choices I realised how seriously harmful mainstream hand sanitisers were…however old habits die hard and I struggled with the thought of not having something on hand (pardon the pun ha!) for me and my children when we are out and about…when I stumbled across this product I was quick to buy it and have never looked back. Not only is it effective and gentle on our skin but it lasts AGES! Knowing I am reducing my kids exposure to germs without exposing them to harmful chemicals makes one less thing on my mothers guilt list and that is something to be grateful for!!

    Rhiannon,June 2016

    Brilliant Stuff
    I love this product. Smells great and works brilliantly. We always take hand sanitizers on hols, I love how much “healthier” this product is for my family. A new handbag staple.

    Lindsey, June 2016

    Where has this been all my life?
    Seriously, where has this been all my life! I love it that this stuff doesn’t dry your hands and you can carry it discreetly without looking like a germaphobe!

    SJ, June 2016

    Love this stuff!
    I’ve really been on the lookout for a natural hand sanitiser, and this ticks all the boxes. The chemical ones often leave such a nasty alcohol taste on your skin – this smells lovely going on, dries quickly, and leaves no taste at all. A little goes a very long way too!

    Kerri, April 2016

    I’m so happy with this product. I have it in my purse all the time. It smells nice and leaves hands smooth and soft, not like the horrible supermarket stuff.

    Aleks on 18 April 2016

    Great product and price.
    So happy I found this product it feels great on my hands and not drying. The price will certainly make me repurchase as this is about $20 cheaper than my previous natural hand sanitiser!!

    Rachel, November 2015
    Best hand sanitiser, hands down

    Have been using lots of hand sanitisers lately (of course) and this one is by far and away the best. Never drying on my skin, no dodgy ingredients. Can’t recommend enough.

    Vanessa, 2020
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