We’re protecting you from both germs and nasty chemicals in hand sanitizers …and we’re super proud of that :)

Squeakie is founded by a Mum and daughter that are passionate about protecting you from both germs and nasty chemicals.

Did you know that most alcohol hand sanitisers are petroleum derived?

Or that alcohol based hand sanitisers can contain unlisted toxic denaturants?

And that even “natural” plant based alcohol hand sanitisers contain unlisted toxic denaturants?

Most hand sanitizers are full of synthetic and petroleum derived chemicals and super harsh on your skin, not to mention the nasty chemicals and contaminants you’re absorbing.

Also, that innocuous word “fragrance” is hiding about another 14 chemicals, including chemicals that are sensitisers and hormone disrupting (EWG).

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Our all natural, unique healing serum means people with sensitive skin or who just don’t want dry and irritated skin can use Squeakie.

Our serum gel ensures maximum protection against germs with a full coverage clean.

(Sprays and foams kill less germs).

And if you’re thinking, how about alcohol free? here’s why not.  

Yes, we have absolutely looked at every possible option, upside down, back the front and forwards, and worked out what is best for you in a hand sanitizer and put that into Squeakie 🙂

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